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Lake County Public Defender Day 2023

March 18 is National Public Defender’s Day and the anniversary of the Gideon v. Wainwright case in which the Supreme Court held that the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments guarantee a right of legal counsel to anyone accused of a crime, even if they could not afford to pay for counsel. The unanimous decision made the Public Defender's Office profession possible. The first Public Defender in Lake County was appointed in 1972, which marked the creation of the Public Defender’s Office. The office now consists of 52 employees consisting of support staff, social workers, investigators, and attorneys, all of whom work together to serve the indigent accused in Lake County. Public Defender Joy Gossman is the first woman to be appointed to the role. In March the Lake County Public Defender’s Office representatives provided an informational display in the Lake County Administrative Complex to help educate all more about this important department. To recognize National Public Defender's Day in Lake County, all county employees were invited to attend an open house on March 17 at their office located at 15 S. County St. in Waukegan.
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